Wish List


Below is a list items that would be a tremendous benefit to our
organization. Please call (616) 493-2620 if you have an item you would like donate. Thank you for your support! 

     •Master Appliance Butane Solder Iron (UltraTorch, UT-100SI)

     •Cordless Electric Drill (Drill bits, Socket bits, Screw bits, etc)

     •Husky Large Tool Bag or Tool Tote

     •Stackable Plastic Tubs/Containers (10 gallon or larger)

     •Cleaning Supplies. (Disinfectant, scrub brushes, magic erasers, etc.)

     •Compact Electric Upholstery Cleaner

     •Multi Line Small Business Phone System (Call for more information)

     •Digital Projector w/ Screen


If you have something you would like to donate that we might be interested in give us a call at (616) 493.2620 (toll free at 877.468.9335).