How do I get a wheelchair from Alternatives in Motion?

Before we can get you in a wheelchair we need to have all of your completed paperwork. Visit the Getting You in a Chair page for specific instructions and guidelines for our service. We need from you:

  1. A completed application for service
  2. Proof of medical need
  3. Proof of financial need
  4. Denial letter from insurance (If applicable)
  5. Seating evaluation (If applicable)

How long does it take to get a wheelchair from Alternatives in Motion?

Alternative in Motion is  completely dependent upon private donations.  It takes our small staff time for us to have you properly evaluated. Rest assured we value all of our clients!

How much will  the wheelchair cost me?

Nothing. However, we believe any donation is welcome to Alternatives in Motion from our recipients and/or their friends and family says a lot about what we do. These donations testify to the fact that our recipients believe in our mission and would like to make a contribution so others can get help. Take a second right now and mail a check to:

Alternatives in Motion
201 Matilda NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

or call Coleen today at 616-493-2620

Do you help people outside of Michigan? 

While we have helped individuals in 18 other states, it is very difficult for us to do so due to the extreme costs involved with shipping power wheelchairs. If you have financial resources available to help cover shipping costs there may be an opportunity for Alternatives in Motion to provide you with a wheelchair. We recommend you give us a call as each situation is unique. More than likely we are unable to assist individuals outside of Michigan, but we are happy to talk to you and help point you in a better direction. 


Do you accept donations of used wheelchairs?

Yes and no. We welcome the donation of wheelchairs that are very new and in excellent condition. If the equipment you want to donate is unusual and heavily modified we will be less likely to accept it. Please see our wheelchair donation guidelines for more information.

I have a used wheelchair that I want to sell. Will Alternatives in Motion purchase it from me?

No. However, because we are a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit corporation, you may donate the wheelchair and then write it off on your taxes.

How can I help?

If you feel as we do-that those who need wheelchairs should be able to obtain the equipment they need-there are many ways to help:

  • Make donations-large or small, online or through the mail, your donation will help us get put someone in motion.
  • Join our supporter’s list-receive newsletters and the latest stories and updates from Alternatives in Motion.
  • Organize a fundraiser through your work or your child’s school. Kids love raising money for Alternatives in Motion.
  • Volunteer to help out in the office. We’re always looking for people who know about accessibility issues and who are willing to do some of the hard work in the office.
  • Participate in one of our special events.