new chairWhile we'll take money and just about anything with wheels, we reserve the right to accept in-kind donations at our discretion. Wheelchairs and other mobility equipment—including lift vans—must be in exceptionally good condition. Please follow the guidelines below to see if your equipment qualifies.

Guidelines for power wheelchair/scooter donation:

  1. Power wheelchairs must not be older than three years.
  2. We prefer the chair to have limited cosmetic defects but we can be flexible with minor scuffs and scratches. Seating must be intact and absent of major rips.
  3. Highly customized individual seating is difficult to place.
  4. Chair must be in known working order. If the batteries are dead but you know it works, we will make the necessary repairs.
  5. When calling to see if your chair qualifies for our program, please have the make, model, and serial number of the wheelchair available. 
  6. The fastest way to see if your donation qualifies for our program is to email pictures of the chair to 

Guidelines for manual wheelchair or walker donation:

  1. Manual wheelchairs and walkers can be between 3-5 years old.
  2. Seating on manual wheelchairs must be in good shape and absent of major rips.
  3. Tires must be in relatively good condition and not in need of replacement.
  4. At this time we are not accepting walkers without wheels or seats.

Guidelines for other durable medical equipment donations:

  1. Bathroom aids, including raised toilet seats, shower chairs, bedside cammodes, etc. must be clean and absent of any signs of use. (We will not accept donations of bathing accessories that have not been cleaned)   
  2. Tub Transfer Benches are in high demand and generally accepted if properly cleaned. 
  3. We do accept donations of Knee Walkers and Knee Scooters. (Currently in high demand)
  4. We do NOT accept donations of hospital beds.

To donate your equipment, please call 616.493.2620 or email Ron at

Alternatives in Motion is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) corporation, all donations both cash and in-kind are tax deductible.