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Signs You Need To Replace Your AC Unit

  • It’s Blowing Warm Air


We all purchase an air AC unit with one goal: to keep our families comfortable during the hot and muggy summer season. During the hottest months of the year, it’s imperative to have an air conditioner that is fully functional. However, if it persistently blows warm air instead of cold air, this indicates that your AC unit has an issue that needs to be fixed. If it keeps blowing warm air instead of cold air even after repair, then it is time to replace your AC unit.


  • AC Thermostat is Not Working Accordingly


A thermostat is typically regarded as the command center of the AC unit. It communicates with the air conditioner to let it know of the volume of cold air it must produce. In addition, it takes measurements to ensure the AC is fully functional. If your air conditioning unit runs for an extremely short period before turning itself off, or if it fails to turn on at all, this can be a sign that the thermostat cannot tell if the system is functional or not. If you’re facing this problem, contact an HVAC expert to examine the thermostat, as it comprises numerous complex electrical elements that can endanger your life. If it keeps breaking down even after repair, then the most viable option is to replace your AC unit.


  • It’s Approaching the End of its Lifespan


If your AC unit has been in use for ten years or more, you should be grateful it lasted this long and start shopping for another unit. Typically, AC units have a lifespan of 15 years. However, only a few last past a decade. So, if your AC unit is ten and above years old, then it is the best time to replace it with a new unit.


  • Strange Noise Inside of the AC Unit


If your AC unit produces weird sounds when turned on, this could indicate that the belt is moving out of place within the unit. Contact an HVAC professional immediately to prevent costly damage to the rest of the unit. If the problem keeps resurfacing even after several repair attempts, then start shopping around for a new unit.

Choosing The Right Air Conditioning System For Your Home


If you’re purchasing an air conditioning unit for the first time, you might get confused about what type of AC unit is ideal for your needs. However, with the aid of a professional AC technician, this won’t be a matter of concern since they will help you determine the AC unit that is suitable for your needs. In addition, having a professional AC expert by your side will help you find the AC unit at the right price. Some unethical dealers out there are keen to overprice air conditioners so that they can pocket huge profits. But since AC professionals are well-informed of the costs of AC units, you’re unlikely to get overpriced.


Is It Ideal To Repair Your Air Conditioner?


Replacing an air conditioner should be the last resort for any homeowner. These home appliances don’t come cheap. If your AC unit is not working correctly due to a minor issue that can be addressed by an HVAC professional, then it is illogical to replace your unit entirely. HVAC professionals charge a small fee to repair any non-functioning component of the AC unit, which saves you money on purchasing a brand new air conditioning unit.