Billboard Sponsorship Opportunity

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get exposure for your business and help a local nonprofit organization at the same time. For just $500, have your company name or logo displayed on one of nearly 200 poster-sized billboards in and around the metro Grand Rapids area. This billboard would generally cost $1,000-$2,000 per month depending on location! For questions, call Matt Chapman at (616) 493-2620.

Our mission is to provide quality used wheelchairs, and routine wheelchair repair services, to individuals and families demonstrating financial need; in order to promote, healthy, independent, and active lifestyles.

(Note: This is a sample image. Your name/logo will appear in place of the Grand Rapids Marathon Logo)


Cost: $500 per board ($300 for printing/setup fee $200 donation to Alternatives in Motion) 

Billboard size:
All boards are 10’5” X 22’8” printed in full color on vinyl material

Placement Location:
You chose a general area of the city and CBS Outdoor will try to place your billboard as close to that area as possible as boards become available
(We cannot guarantee exact placements)

Placement Time:
Boards are guaranteed to be on display for four weeks

Vehicle Traffic:
7,000-30,000 cars per day, depending on exact location, will see your billboard

How it Works:
CBS Outdoor has agreed to donate vacant poster-sized billboards to Alternatives in Motion as they become available. Alternatives in Motion will have no control over when or where these boards will become available. You pick the general location and month you would like your board to be on display and Alternatives in Motion will work with CBS Outdoor to meet your needs as closely as possible. We notify you of the time and location of your billboard as soon as it is confirmed with CBS Outdoor. We will also promote your organization/billboard through our blog, social media networks, and in our print & e-newsletters.