About Alternatives in Motion

Alternatives in Motion is all about mobility and independence. We are a nonprofit 501 (C)(3) organization that relies heavily on donations of new and gently used mobility equipment. We firmly believe everyone should have the opportunity to participate in society and not be hindered by mobility issues. Through our one of a kind wheelchair donation and refurbishment program, we give the Gift of Mobility to individuals and families in need. Since 1995 we have provided mobility assistance over 1,254 times!

The Mission

Alternatives in Motion strives to provide quality used wheelchairs, and routine wheelchair repair services to individuals and families demonstrating financial need; in order to promote, independent, healthy and active lifestyles.


Alternatives in Motion was founded in 1995 by Johnnie Tuitel and George Ranville to provide for unmet mobility needs. After recovering from a major surgery, Johnnie learned he needed a new wheelchair and that his insurance company had denied him coverage for it. Johnnie was furious because he knew if this was happening to him, it was happening to others. Johnnie teamed up with George Ranville, a Grand Rapids native, who went through a similar experience getting a chair for his brother-in-law. The two started raising money and making their cause known. Since that time Alternatives in Motion has grown tremendously and has been able to help people in 130 Michigan communities and 17 other states. While Johnnie has since left the organization to pursue other opportunities and interests, our staff, board, and volunteers are passionately committed to Moving People Forward!

Alternatives in Motion is a nonprofit 501 (C)(3) organization

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